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Good Book Reads (Introduction)


This section of my blog probably does not need as much of a lengthy introduction as to knowing why I label these books as good reads. However, I think its involvement goes deeper than that i.e., knowing the qualifications I use to put these books in their place. The reason why I label these reads as ‘good’ is not solely because of a subjective taste for a particular genre, but I am in the strong opinion that these writers have produced something innovative and have adhered to the proper elements of style. Because they have strived to put together their works, it is quite clear that they should be taken seriously.

For those who do not make it in this section, keep in mind that I did not reject the book because I pose a particular bias against the genre or the idea that you are conveying. Rather, the reason I toss the book aside is because its execution to convey that message does not meet the qualifications that are put forth by the editors, writers, and literary agents who have set these standards up from generations past. To make the general style of fiction writing ‘subjective’ is to go clearly against the craft of good writing.


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