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My Story


I wish I can say I’m God’s gift to the writing world, but in all truth—I’M NOT! While this may come as a surprise to you, especially if you have gotten a review from me before, I try my best to empathize with fellow writers. There were times where I felt like I was accomplished from being able to hatch up an idea to even writing a book, I realized that its was the just the beginning.

At the end of May 2005, life was started to feel like it was going fast…way too fast! I was graduating, getting ready for college, looking forward toward the new adventures I would get in life. Of course, I had the imagination of a writer. There were so many things I wanted to say about particular products, especially books and movies. In fact, while I was attending church one Sunday morning, my pastor once said that if the disciples were here, they’d be in horror to find what was going on here. At that point, I began to imagine the concept of the disciples being here in the 21st Century.

For weeks I would envision myself writing all these ideas together and gather them in one book and call it ‘Apostles Resurrected’, but of course getting the idea down wasn’t just what I wanted. As time went by, my imagination got the best of me and I started to develop an interest for writing. Sitting at a kitchen table with a notebook and pen in hand, I was beginning to think of ways to create a constructive story and dialogue that made sense. Sure, I didn’t have a concise plan, but it was a start. Of course throughout the course of time when I told a fellow Christian at church a couple of weeks later that I began writing a book, I didn’t think the work would take me long. Boy was I DEAD WRONG.

So what happened in between now and then? I continued to work on getting my plot scratched out and done by August 2006. Certainly when I got done with the rough draft, I didn’t realize how rough the work would come out to be! Like most authors, I knew that I couldn’t go nowhere without getting that book self-edited. I mean, if I didn’t bother to look through and did what most wannabe novelists do i.e. pay for my publishing, I think I would not be anywhere in this writing world today.

At this point, I picked up a couple of books on how to write one of them called ‘The First Five Pages‘ by Noah Lukeman. It was then where I realized I had a lot of work to do. Certainly, I didn’t realize my work needed to undergo plastic surgery when I studied English at a Christian Liberal Arts University. If I didn’t take any classes to fulfill that and my creative writing minor, I probably would enlist as one of the crappiest writers of all time. Seriously I mean it.

So what do I need to be saying here? Am I trying to be the Simon Caldwell of book writing? No. What I am trying to do is show you that good writing and recognition for its works takes practice through research and constant revision. If you don’t research, you can’t learn. If you can’t learn, you’ll never find the need to make the right revisions.



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