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Terms and Conditions


Any products purchased on this website have 90 days to return and receive a refund if they meet the following conditions:

The products are in a ‘like new‘ condition i.e., without page folds, cover creases, dirty finger prints, scratches, or markings. Any book or product with at least one of these damages will receive no refund. Whenever a refund is issued, the returned products are re-stocked and re-distributed; therefore, they must be in a condition decent enough for others to purchase. Any product upon reception that do not meet these requirements will be returned at the sender’s expense.

Any items are given a 100% refund within the first five days after purchase and 95% to the 30th day after the original date of purchase. The refund percentage continues to decrease every thirty days (75%-60 Days, 35%-90 days). After the 90th day, no refunds will be awarded except for quality issues. The purpose of these refund policies is to prevent customer abuse and protect the merchant.

Products containing any more than five logical, grammatical, and formatting issues are allowed a 100% refund at any time. If a technical error is detected by a customer, he or she must contact the author immediately via email. If any of the concerns are legitimate, the customer will need ship the book back and the author will reimburse the customer for the entire purchase (shipping is excluded). The physical condition of the book needs to meet the criteria above i.e., in the ‘like new’ condition. Any damages to the book may or may not decrease the refund value.

The readers are always counted as valued customers who deserve no less than the books they purchase either from an established or independent book source. The books purchased on this website will attempt not only to adhere to the standards, but also achieve to go up and beyond customer’s needs and expectations.

-H.A. Parker

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