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Reviews About the Resurrection


“I found the premise of this book to be interesting…[how] those biblical figures would react to the modern world if they were to find themselves here. What would they think of us? What would they say?

This is one of those rare books where both the plot and characters are secondary to the conversations. It was fascinating to read the interactions with between the modern characters and the resurrected disciples…[especially] how they responded to such subjects as evolution, art, tolerance, and the Catholic Church.”

Lieder Madchen

“I really enjoyed the fact there was no clear-cut answer….This book serves as an excellent example of what is going on in today’s churches.  This story explores the goals of the modern church and how so many shift focus to a corporate mindset….Everyone who interacts with the Disciples find themselves changed.

This story was so compelling.  See everything through Clark’s eyes really made the story so poignant.  It was interesting to see his battle with himself, his religious convictions and his science beliefs.  This story is such a reflection on much of the discussion between religion and science today.”

Release Notes

“As an atheist, my point of view is that religion would fall apart completely should the disciples reveal that Jesus wasn’t actually the “son of God” or that Christianity in and of itself is a giant hoax, things most atheists believe.  However,…I feel like this book is going to be another one of those books that causes a lot of controversy among religious zealots, much like Dan Brown’s books Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code did.

I would recommend this book to those who actually do like Christian Fiction, it isn’t my cup of tea…more like 4/5 instead of 3/5.  I would also recommend this book to those who liked Dan Brown’s novels as well, this book had the same sort of vibe.”

Dany Stormborn

“One thing that made me take notice was the belief of the disciple. It was so strong and utterly simple and straightforward that it left no room for doubt. In the world today we have so many believers but after reading about the disciples it makes you wonder is the belief today absolute? It was different and not really in a bad way to compare between the disciples and the people of the world today how much and the way believe.”



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